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standard April 16, 2009 3 responses

“My dream house would have a music room. No. Wait. My dream house would have two music rooms, one for listening and one for playing.” M said, kicking off our favorite game.

I didn’t have to think hard, my dream house would have a library/writing room – floor to ceiling bookshelves bursting with books, large desk, good desk chair, super comfy overstuffed chair with ottoman and a nice size side table. It would have a large window overlooking the yard so I could easily daydream or watch the children play.

My dream house would also have a huge kitchen with tons of counter space and endless cupboards and one of those cool ceiling things to hang pots and pans. The center console would have some high bar stools so the kids could do their homework or color while I’m cooking dinner and a section of the kitchen would feature a cushy couch and a large TV. Right off the kitchen there would be a massive, and I mean, massive, walk in pantry with tons of shelf space. Never again would I have to worry about jars of tomato sauce hitting me on the head when I open the door.

I don’t really care about the rest of the house as long as bright, comfortable, and simple define the basic decoration scheme. Oh, and that the garage house a couple huge freezers. You know, so I have some place to store all the food I’ll be cooking in my dream kitchen. Food that we’ll need on those days I get so caught up in my writing that I can’t leave the library/writing room in time to make dinner for the family.

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3 responses

  • My castle also has the big library with a desk to write, books all over the place, comfy sofas to read and a grand kitchen 🙂
    Will ask my daughter when she comes out of school today, but bet she’ll also like the library room.

  • My first writing activity with my kids each year is to ask them to draw and then describe their dream houses. No kitchens are ever mentioned!

    Don’t hit your head on a pot (instead of the pasta sauce hitting you)!

  • My dream house would have everything you have all said, but it would also have a big, comfy room for my master chef, who would be taking over my big kitchen. In my dream house I will NOT COOK.

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