Ode to the last M&M

standard April 20, 2009 4 responses

First one. Mmm. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and chocolaty. This could well be the ultimate candy. Another Peanut Butter M&M follows the first one. Then another. And another. I can’t stop. The sweet/salty combination is too good.

My hand snakes, unbidden, to the open packet, coaxing the little candies out of the small opening and popping them one after another into my waiting mouth.

I have to stop. These aren’t helping me lose these damn pounds. OK. Just one more. OK. Maybe two more. Fine. Maybe just one last handful. Oh! A red one, I love those. I have to eat it. And a blue one! I remember when those didn’t exist. Down the hatch it goes.

Shit! Half the bag is gone! OK. This time, for real, I’m putting the bag away. I can do this. I can stop.

Well, maybe after just one more…

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4 responses

  • You’ve inspired me – I think there’s a shorty in there – romance, tragedy … it’s all there. The Last M&M. Yup. Oh. But first I have to go grab some inspiration … yummmm

  • Completely accurate!
    When there are only a handful left and another member of the family wants some I bare my teeth and guard them better than a lioness guarding her cubs. Because those last few are the last *precious* few!

  • When I met my husband 2+ years ago, he was one of those no-carb guys. Great for me, I never had to share! He didn’t eat chocolate or drink pop.

    Unfortunately, living with me has damaged him. When we shop now, he throws the BIG bag of M & M’s (peanut) in the cart.

    I am such a bad influence. I am so bad at sharing. I am so in love with peanut M & M’s. Last, first, middle of the bag, it matters not.

  • Oh, it’s so true…grrrr

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