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Writer blog vs Mommy blog

standard March 23, 2009 4 responses

People tell you (you know people, those in the know and all that) that to be a successful blogger you have to have a niche. A niche like blogging about the best running trails, cooking a crockpot meal every day for a year, or posting super cool shopping tips.

Whenever I hear that I want to say, “uh, I have a niche, I blog about parenting, and ah, writing.” Sure I’m not the only one in either niche, in fact, I’m not sure either could even be called a niche, but I don’t really care. After all, I’m not going to go blog about best pooper scooping techniques*, when I really want to be writing about diapering techniques instead. (OK, fine, it’s a very fine line, but quite a shaggy one, so bear with me.) And I’m not going to talk about skydiving off the coast of Hawaii* when I care so much more about novel writing and freelancing.

Now, I’m fine with all that. The hiccup comes when I try to merge those two very different topics under the auspices of the same blog title. Which I’m more than entitled to do, because, did you check it out, it’s called “It’s My Life…” and, well, my life is all about parenting, and writing, and all the other messy stuff in between.

I just hope that you, my wonderful, awesome, gorgeous readers are OK with all that too. I’d like to assume so since most of my favorite blogs cover all the different aspects of the blogger’s life, but you can never take anything for granted these days. So, what do you say? Is it ok for me to wax poetic both about my parenting life and my writing life?

You’re OK with it? Phew! Because I really, really, really like all the writing I’ve been doing and I get really excited when I discover new writing blogs** or new writing resources and I’d love to share all that with you. Secretly, I hope to eventually also share with you choice morsels of my novel-in-progress, but I’m most definitely not ready for that yet.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with: Squee! Novel coming along SO well. Have written over 11,000 words so far, which roughly translates to 41 pages and a quarter, double spaced (not that I’m counting). The story is developing so well I can’t quite believe it and I’m still in love with the characters, though there is one gal I don’t quite yet have a grasp on, and I’d better figure her out soon or I might have to cut her completely, which would be a shame because she’s pretty darn cool.

Know what’s even better better than writing this novel and loving every moment of it? Imagining my favorite readers enjoying the finished product.

*Though seriously, how does someone maintain regular postings for such small topics? Wouldn’t you get incredibly bored after say, a week?
** I discovered the awesome blog of the KT Literary agency this weekend and I’m totally and utterly hooked. I’m taking copious mental notes about what to do and not do to when I eventually get around to querying.

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4 responses

  • Okay… so I am OBSESSED with KT Literary Blog! I hear you though… it’s my blog… I will do what I want with it and that’s that… If people don’t like it… well I don’t write for them… I write for me, right?

    And about this book… I get to be a beta reader, right??

    (You should read mine!!!!!!)

  • It’s so funny that you wrote about this. I have no niche. I created my blog for my friends, but I love when anyone reads it. I don’t know that I’m out to be successful…

    I stumble across more “mommy” blogs than anything else, but I’m no longer a mommy (my son is 22), so that’s not my niche.

    I’m a teacher, but I NEVER read teacher blogs, and I rarely write one. But sometimes I do write about my kids and our doings.

    I’m a Christ Follower, and I don’t shy away from writing about my faith, but mine is not a “Christian” blog.

    Hm, maybe that’s why few people (other than friends) read my “stuff.”

    Okay, done with the self-reflection.

    Your photos are fun, your musings are though provoking, I’m so excited to know you’re writing a book. Some day I’ll check it out of the library, and I’ll be able to say, “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this!”

  • Im new to still getting use to your blog full stop but i personally love a mixed bag blog with plenty of different subjects going on .

    Good luck with your novel 🙂

  • I hear you. Over the summer, I attempted Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge where step one is picking a niche. While I learned a lot from that experience, I failed miserably because I don’t want to give up writing about whatever muse comes my way. Some bloggers solve this problem by posting to multiple blogs, but I can bare handle one. So, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I please!

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