Weekly Winners – Summer is around the corner

standard March 29, 2009 16 responses

It may just be March, but we had our first taste of summer this weekend. We celebrated by spending some time outside. Enjoy my Weekly Winners and don’t forget to stop by to see all the other great shots posted by other participants.

A warm summery evening is perfect for outdoor dining.
And for a nice glass of wine.
And of course for some ice cream.
Yum. Finger licking good.
Fishing for M&Ms.
A warm summery day…
Makes you want to take a dip.
Too bad the pool looks so bad.
Battered and frayed…
but still well loved.
It’s hard to pedal on the grass.
This is much better.
And when Daddy helps,
well, that’s just the best.

Hang tight. Summer will be here soon for everyone!

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