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Part of the Borg and Damn Proud of It.

standard March 17, 2009 5 responses

It would appear that the wonderful Peter Shankman of the infamous HARO (Help a Reporter Out) ruffled a few mommy feathers at South by Southwest yesterday by likening the mommy blogger community to The Borg Collective.

That people got their panties in a bunch over his rather funny, and if may say so, pretty accurate description of the mommy bloggers is a true testimony to the lack of understanding of sci-fi TV and of the major problem that consistently weakens the community.

People! Being compared to The Borg is a good thing. Yes, fine, so they were the “bad guys.” But anyone who’s spent even five minutes watching the show knows that they were awe inspiring in their power and ability. Just like the mommy blogging community is awes inspiring in it’s power and ability.

Or at least we would be if we could get over ourselves and stop getting all bent out of shape every time someone calls us a name we think might maybe have some pejorative connotation to it.

You know what? People call you names when they’re jealous, when they’re intimidated by you. And really, those names only hurt when you feel there’s a hint of truth to them. The only mommy bloggers who are offended to be called mommy bloggers are the ones who aspire to be more and are frustrated with what they do. The only people who are going to be offended by the comparison to The Borg are those who secretly fear that their voice won’t be heard, or maybe those who fear that they don’t have a voice of their own.

I’m a mommy blogger and I’m proud of it. I write about my life and my kids and I’m fine with that. I’m part of a huge community of mommy bloggers and I’m equally proud of that. We have our individual voices and our communal voice, and yes, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Maybe today we should have patted ourselves on the back and hosted a round of high fives instead of getting pissy about being called a name. One of the most influential men in the media sphere warned companies to take notice of us. It was public recognition of the power of our words. That’s huge! That means we’ve made it, that means we’re finally as important as we’ve always wanted to be. Nicely done ladies!

Now, can’t we please stop quibbling about the terminology and rejoice over the sentiment? Please?

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5 responses

  • I still think it was a poor choice of words, as I wrote http://tinyurl.com/culakd. The term community- a thoughtful group of moms engaging based on shared values or goals- is more inspiring that a comparison to a mindless drone bent on destruction.

    I’m not offended, I just think a smart guy like Peter (who apparently did not coin the phrase) might have used a better term.

    That said, I take issue with the line “The only people who are going to be offended by the comparison to The Borg are those who secretly fear that their voice won’t be heard, or maybe those who fear that they don’t have a voice of their own.”

    First off, it’s a generalization. Secondly, though I don’t like the term (though may choose to “own” it in an ironic sense) blogging has opened doors I didn’t even know it existed. I’ve been quoted in the Huffington Post Guide to Blogging, interviewed for newspapers and parenting publications all because of my blog.

    I think Peter is an awesome guy; I’m just not that into Borgs.

  • Many great points, but I think you miss the mark when you surmise that those who don’t want to be called mommy bloggers are simply frustrated. It’s not about aspiring to be more because being a “mommy blogger” isn’t a lesser calling, yk? That I think is the flaw of trying to lump everyone into one community.

  • Love this post, Jessica – and Kim’s as well. AI think the Borg designation is kind of funny. Better than being called a bunch of Klingons, anyway.

  • Panties get bunched way too quickly in this “community.” I know, I know that mommy-bloggers don’t want to be lumped together ( personally don’t even like to be called a mommy-blogger). But I see so much group-think – one person gets pissed about something (usually someone with a large audience) and then all their little followers go off to pass the message. I’m over it.

    It’s just a name, people.

  • It’s food for thought anyway. I’m not enough of a Trekkie to be offended by the reference or inspired by it. Now if he had called us a bunch of Tribbles, we’d be in trouble. 🙂

    I don’t mind being called a mommy-blogger either since that’s just one of many things I do (like all y’all I imagine).

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