Morning madness causes mommy forgetfulness

standard March 21, 2009 5 responses

This morning I…
… Made the bed.
… Ran a load of colors.
… Folded a load of whites.
… Made a pre-schooler’s lunch (cheese, cheese, drinkable yogurt, carrots, apple sauce).
… Got two little girls dressed.
… Had breakfast.
… Answered emails.
… Checked in on Twitter.
… Helped a friend decide whether she should get a LeapPad or a Tag Reading System* for her son for his birthday. (She opted for the LeapPad.)
… Put one girl’s hair up in a single pony tail.
… Put the other girl’s hair up in two braids.
… Cleaned up the bathroom.
… Put on a smattering of make-up.
… Found the baby playing with a mostly empty glass of leftover wine and a red crayon.
… Decided that the red goo on her face was crayon. I hope.
… Found two pairs of little shoes and put them on the right feet.
… Found my shoes.
… Put the wet clothes in the dryer.
… Got some milk ready for the baby.
… Found the baby eating a stale cookie.
… Let the baby keep eating the stale old cookie to avoid a tantrum.
… Collected three slugs for the school turtle.
… Snapped both girls into their car seats.
… And finally left for the day.

I’d been up all of one and a half hours. So is it really all that surprising that I forgot to pack the bassinet I’d promised to loan an ex-coworker? Is it surprising that I forgot it for the third day in a row? At this point, I’m just hoping she doesn’t have her baby before I remember to bring it with me one morning.

*Want a LeapFrog Tag Reader for yourself? It’s not to late to enter the big giveaway over at The Lemonade Stand.

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