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Keeping my reviews honest, just how my readers like it

standard March 19, 2009 3 responses

I love writing reviews. I write darn good reviews. You don’t have to agree with me, but at the very least you have to agree that I write very honest reviews. I share both pros and cons and I’m careful to give a complete representation of every product. The most important thing in my opinion is that readers know that if they come to The Lemonade Stand they’re going to get a full, honest review, not just a rave about whatever latest product has been pitched to me or caught my fancy.

Here’s the deal. If I review something and I give it a thumbs up, you’re not going to be disappointed when you get the product. If it has drawbacks, I’m going to list them. If it has great selling points you’re going to know about them too. There are a ton of products out there and we don’t all have time to go out and test drive every little thing before handing over our credit cards. My goal is to make your job as a consumer a little easier. And maybe to introduce you to products you might not already know about.

So far, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Get product, test it out, come tell you what I like or don’t like about it. It’s been pretty easy because until today I hadn’t been asked to review a product I hated. I’m a pretty easy going gal, some might even say I have slight Pollyanna-esque tendencies, so it’s hard for me to imagine reviewing something with absolutely no positive attributes.

Today I had to email a PR rep and tell her I couldn’t write a positive review for the product she’d asked me to test, review, and giveaway. Actually, if we’re being honest, I told her that I couldn’t think of a single positive aspect of the product. I really, honestly tried. I hated potentially upsetting someone with whom I hoped to have a good working relationship, but I just couldn’t see myself hyping a product that I couldn’t back*. Also I really couldn’t see myself pushing a giveaway for that same product.

I hope you trust my opinions and I hope that you come to me for advice because of that trust. Really, that matters to me more than anything. So, how about this, you guys keep reading and I’ll keep being honest. Deal? Sweet.

*In this instance I didn’t feel comfortable writing a negative review. I’m not saying that I’ll never do that in the future, but this time it just didn’t feel right.

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3 responses

  • well honest reviews are the ones i like. before i buy practically anything I go to amazon or where ever and look at the reviews before i but it. So Im glad your honest and not just trying to make people happy.

  • Good for you!!! We all appreciate honesty!

    I’m getting ready to do my first review. But, I don’t think I’ll do others in the future UNLESS they send extras for me to use as give aways!

  • Honesty is so important, but I also agree with your decision to not trash the product. I feel like if a company has spent money to send me something, and I hate it, then I’d rather just not talk about it on my blog. Life’s too short to focus on the negative.

    Now if I buy something and have issues and customer service is not helpful… watch out – this blogger will roar!

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