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Hats off to all the work from home moms and dads.

standard March 7, 2009 4 responses

Between all the coughing, runny noses, lack of sleep, and cranky children it’s been a very, very long week. Friday 6pm just couldn’t roll around fast enough for me.

But frankly, I think I’ve whined more than enough this week. So instead, I’m just going to say this:

Hats off to all you work from home moms and dads.

Seriously. I was home with my kids three days this week. I got virtually nothing done. Zip, nada, zilch, bupkiss. I sent a couple emails, wrote a few blog posts, but aside from that my to do list just tormented me. Every time I tried to sit and write or even think about what needed to get done I was interrupted by an urgent request for water, glue, snacks, coloring pages, crayons, or by a indignant howl from one of the girls.

For the most part my kids play pretty nicely together, and yes, they are very young, but still, I don’t know how work from home parents do it. It must take some insane amount of organization and self discipline to be able to get anything done, and maybe the ability to function on very little sleep. Between housework and caring for kids it’s hard to string together a coherent thought let alone a coherent sentence.

So I bow low to you all who do it all on a daily basis. You are truly an inspiration. I promise that next time I feel like whining about how hard it is to concentrate in a busy coffee shop I’ll stop and remember this week, then I’ll have an extra shot of espresso in your honor.

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4 responses

  • It is never easy to manage both family(kids) and work concurrently. It would call for precision planning and executement. I tried working for home but it wasn’t bringing in the enough $$ so had to go back to full-time work. Hope that everything turns out well for you..when the kids get a bit bigger it would enable you more uninterrupted blocks of time to do you “work” at home.

  • my husband has an office upstairs and I stay at home full time with my daughter, I SO feel for him… he says half the time he wishes he were far away at his office somewhere, and the other time, he can hear our giggles from upstairs and wishes he could come downstairs and play!

  • Don`t forget, your girls were sick, kids are a lot more difficult when they don`t feel good. That being said, as a work at home mom, I do have troubles concentrating for very long on anything (my boys are 3 and 2). In my case, I work at night and have a nap with the youngest in the afternoon (hubby works nights, so he`s home during the day). We have a weird schedule, but it works for us!

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