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Goodnight Moon – The eternal classic

standard March 25, 2009 8 responses

In the great green room…

Odds are, if you have a child, your mind filled in the rest of that sentence.

There was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of —

That one too…

We own at least three copies of Goodnight Moon. One in French, two in English. There might even be a fourth bouncing around my car. It is, hands down, Little L’s favorite book.

“Moon! Moon!” She yells every night as we’re gathering up the large stack of books that will get us through her evening nebulizer treatment. It’s one of the only non-lift-the-flap book that she tolerates and definitely the only book that she doesn’t slam shut in frustration after a page or two. Nor does this particular book ever join the hefty stack of rejects hurled to the floor when they fail to entice.

She likes to point out the balloons whenever they appear and she’s discovered that she can stick her finger into the hole on the side of her mask to “hush” right along with the old lady. Then, on the last page we always linger on the image of the little mouse looking out the window.

I couldn’t tell what the huge attraction was with the book when C was enamored with it and I still can’t really tell now. Is it the sing song tone of the words? Is it the predictability of the repetition? Is it the organized approach that is so soothing to anxious toddler minds? I don’t think I’ll ever know.

Three years ago I found Goodnight Moon to be the most annoying book on our shelves. Today it’s my favorite if only because of all the memories that have imprinted themselves on the shiny pages.

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8 responses

  • How sweet. I think we have this book at home now Im going to have to find it and read it to my girls.

  • My son is 22, and I remember that one, but we liked The Runaway Bunny more. He’s still my bunny!

  • I love Goodnight Moon.

    I remember being pregnant, and thinking “Wha? This book is dumb!” But then, my daughter was born, and we read the book, and she loved it. She pointed to the kitties and the mouse and the balloon, and she loves the book. So we read it a lot, and I have probably the same fond memories of it that you do. 🙂 And it will be our secret that I thought it was dumb.

  • Someone very enthusiastically gave this book to me at my baby shower. All the other experiences moms in the room were also very excited. I’m not sure what the magic is, but it’s definitely there.

  • When I was 25, I gave my mom a copy of GOODNIGHT MOON for Mother’s Day because it’s one of my earliest memories, her reading that book to me. Now it’s an essential part of my son’s bedtime routine. He’s obsessed with the little mouse and tries to pick it off the page every single night. 🙂

  • Rethinking here, tho’ we like the bunny better, we did have a similar real good-night routine. Mac said good-night to family members in pictures and his stuffed animals.

    Thanks for the memories from one no niche blogger to another…


  • Dans la grande chambre verte…

    We love Goodnight Moon. Our favorite game is to find that little mouse in each room.

    What a great post, celebrating a classic.

  • I still remember reading that book a million times in hardback in the seventies.

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