From the Mouths of Babes: Proclamations of Love

standard March 13, 2009 1 response

“What is going on in here?” I asked Little L who was making more noise than a herd of hysterical elephants despite having been in bed for well over a half an hour.
“Mama! Mama!” She greeted me with sheer delight before letting go of the crib railing she was banging on and searching around for her bottle. “Ah doh! Ah doh! Ah gone!” She said, shaking her empty bottle in my face.
“Yes, I can see you’re all done with your milk and that it’s all gone. That happens when you drink it all up. Now it’s time for you to have a great big nighnigh.”
I settled her back onto her mattress and tucked her blankie and MooMoo cow next to her before going to tuck C in again.
“Mama? Mama?” She called again from the crib. I turned to look at her and she flashed me her biggest, goofiest, most mischievous grin. “Mama? I dov ou.”
“I love you too baby. Sleep tight.”

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