Weekly Winners – Sweet cookie making

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Yesterday I kept the girls home from daycare to do a round of play dates. We were crazy busy all morning, but our post nap afternoon was wide open. I almost caved to pathetic pleas for crafts, crafts, and more crafts, before realizing that we could put our efforts to good use by making Valentines Day cookies.

The girls, of course, were more than game.

I hunted down a few ingredients and props and found a recipe for Lollipop Cookies and we were in business. I thought only C would be interested, but Little L pulled up her own chair and got involved. I grabbed the camera and captured some Weekly Winners.

Everyone had to inspect the Popsicle sticks.
And maybe put some in the Stand Mixer.
Only big girls get to decorate cookies.
Little girls find that very unfair.
Big girls are not perturbed by little girl jealousy.
Little girls find that unfair too.
And boring.
Until their big sister gives them some sprinkles.
Then it’s awesome.
Then mommy freaks out and gets all controlling
and sends both girls to watch Tinkerbell, the movie.
So she can make purty cookies.
For her hunk of a Valentine.

Hope your Valentines Day was filled with some sort of love and sugar.

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