Weekly Winners – Bath time!

standard February 1, 2009 17 responses

Before the flu germs exploded all over our family, picking us off one by one, I managed to get some fun shots of the girls as they played in the tub. I played with my bounce flash and laughed at their antics. Now I’m sharing my favorites with you in honor of this week’s Weekly Winners. Don’t forget to click through to see other great shots!

“Bellah! Bellah!”
A little bath water never hurt anyone.
Bubbles are a special bonus!
Oh! Silly me, it’s a hat! not a cup!
I’m too big for such antics.
Instead I’m practicing my facial expressions.
But not too big to put bath toys in my mouth.
Boy, we do have fun in the bath!
It’s more fun than having a fever, that’s for sure.
Have a lovely week everyone. Hope you all stay healthy!

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