Weekly Winners – A first haircut

standard February 8, 2009 12 responses

It’s late, and I’m tired, but I had to share with you our big momentous event. C’s first haircut. Yes. After 3.5 years we finally caved and took her in. You know, because apparently once the hair reaches the child’s butt then it becomes a little hard to manage. So, in honor of this major milestone, I bring you this week’s Weekly Winners.

No joke. Down to her butt.
This one, not so much.
What? She’s like totally older than me.
Plus, see? I have pigtails. It’s getting longer.
No stress here.
Just major relaxing in the waiting area.
And then, oh joy, TV!
(Also, say bye bye to the blond curls. Sob.)
Oh, a little stress after all.
But was it because of the TV? Or the hair?
And… SNIP!
Must. Not. Take. Eyes. Off. T.V.
What are they doing to my sister?
Oh. The blond curls.
And, tahdah!
Such a grown-up looking pony tail.
Still long, just not as long.
Definitely still gorgeous.

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