Twitter: allowing virtual strangers to become real friends

standard February 20, 2009 3 responses

I jumped into the car tonight after sending this hasty tweet.
By the time I got to the first red light I’d received these replies, causing tears to well up in my eyes.
It’s not a secret that I’m an avid, if not rabid, fan of Twitter, but if this hasn’t convinced you to check it out I don’t know what will. The love and support from virtual strangers who have, over time and many 140 character exchanges, become real friends is priceless.

My Tweeple came to my aid when we had a car crash, when I was worried about preschool registrations, when my father in law first got injured, and again tonight. There are many of them so I know they’re always there if I need support, a pat on the back, or even just a friendly ear.

And tonight their prayers were heard. The doctors seem to think that my father in law will be OK. We’re crossing our fingers that they’re right, and I’m counting on my Twitter friends to keep praying and sending healing vibes our way.

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3 responses

  • I’m also glad that your Twitter friends were able to be there for you.

    I’m even happier that your FIL’s condition is looking up. You and your family will continue to be in my thoughts.

  • Oh no! How is M holding up? It can be scary having a parent injured…

    Our thoughts are with you!!

  • Emily @mamasick

    As one of those friends you met on Twitter, and I am so glad BTW, I will keep your FIL in my thoughts.

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