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The threshold to the rest of my life

standard February 3, 2009 5 responses
I knew when I quit my job to focus on writing that I wasn’t going to become a millionaire overnight. In fact, I knew that I would likely not earn a dime for the first 6 months. I did however expect that within those 6 months I might make some good contacts, maybe sell an article, hopefully get a decent, somewhat regular gig. Considering the way the Internet and Social Media are exploding it wasn’t really too far fetched to assume that something would come along.

I was actually pretty lucky found something pretty early on, but it fizzled out after just a couple months. Ever since I’ve been working hard to make a name for myself so that I have something to show for the time I’ve been freelancing, and so I’d have something to point to when people ask to see samples of my work.

I’ve been writing basic parenting articles Type-A Mom, dispensing advice like How to Diaper a Baby, How to Interview a Babysitter, or Swaddling 101. Stuff that might seem obvious to people who’ve been parenting for years, but is monumental to new parents.

I’ve just started writing about party games for the brand new Party Planning Professor site.

And aside from all the other day to day stuff I work on I even have a few other irons in the fire, but nothing that’s going to net me an actual paycheck, something that I could be proud to bring home to my family. Every month that goes by without income adds to my guilt. We’re not struggling – yet. But we are taping into our savings. And my patient M isn’t complaining, but I know that it’s stressing him out terribly. It’s a horrible time for us to be using up our savings, especially with no real solution in sight. So I stress, and I keep stressing.

There are many things I could be doing to turn The Lemonade Stand into a great site. I could be reaching out to countless companies, asking for products to review, to giveaway, to promote. I could be hyping the site to PR reps and to mompreneurs. I could be talking it up everywhere, getting people to sign up for the RSS feed, posting reviews every day. But all that takes time, and there’s no real financial future in it. Just like there’s no real financial future for this blog. Or for any of the other sites I contribute to right now.

So, what do I do? Do I keep writing for free and hope that my big break comes along? Do I work to promote my own sites and hope to attract some advertisers? Or do I focus my creative energy on this blog and ease up on the rest while I find a more traditional way to pay the bills?

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5 responses

  • I totally hear ya! For me, it’s weird… I am a stay at home mom who has decided to become an author, so now I am like all stressed out. I have finished my book, but I am scared of all the new steps. I haven’t really tried writing online at all, though. Is that fun? I mean, I have my little blog, but that has never been for profit or anything like that. We will make it as writers! I just know it!

  • Keep at it. You’re a good writer, it just takes time.
    Are you going to the blogher party on Friday?

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t quit blogging if I were you. Comment count and immediate financial recognition are not the ultimate indicators of your blogs’ success or serve as accurate measures of your future writing success. Many read your blogs; they smile and return, anonymously. You write well and you are able to connect with the readers’ hearts. You never know. Someone may be sizing you up over time and make you a writing offer when you least expect it. Be open when you are invited to write about any given subject area. After you attain the first milestone, that of a published co-author, things turn around very quickly. Write on. You’ll prevail.

  • Anonymous

    With respect to your question “Do I keep writing for free?”, the answer is YES. If six months from today you land a good writing job, you will look back and believe it was all worthwhile. You’ll prevail.

  • Had NO you were going through all this. Big hugs. hang in there. Wish there was something I could do to help 🙁

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