Some nights you’re just tired. Nothing more, nothing less

standard February 28, 2009 3 responses

Some days you wake up tired and no matter how much tea or coffee you drink you just can’t shake that man-I-have-to-get-back-to-bed-soon feeling.

That’s how I’ve felt all day. So tonight I’m going to bed really early. And no, it has nothing to do with a certain Breaking Dawn that I’m only 1/3rd of the way through and itching to get back to. Nothing, I say!

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3 responses

  • I teach fifth grade, and I have a rule that they can’t put their heads down on the tableduring the school day(except during read aloud) because I never get to. Many days I really, really want/need to!

    And now, after a precious visit to the library, I’m going to read myself to sleep.

    ellie from Illinois

  • I was so tired for weeks while I read those books again and again and again hahahah!

  • Enjoy your book.
    Don’t stay up too late!

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