Mastering the laundry makes me feel so accomplished

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If you had heard me say “I mastered the laundry” last month, you would have also heard me laughing hysterically. Because, really, until last month I never thought I’d master the laundry. Me? The queen of “get it all clean and then leave it in a monster pile on the chair in our room and pull stuff out as needed.” Me? Master the laundry? Not happening.

And then, well, it happened.

I mastered the laundry.

I got those nifty small laundry baskets for the girls. I put away everything that was outgrown. And I started folding the grown-up stuff one load at a time instead of three weeks at a time. Presto: laundry = done. Sanity = restored. Hahahahaha. If only that were true. Anyway…

In the morning after I shower and get dressed I turn the dryer on for a few minutes to make everything warm. Then, I pull out the kids’ clothes and chuck them into their respective baskets, make a neat pile of the grown-up clothes and take them to the bedroom to fold them. On my way back to the kitchen I throw all the clean laundry into the dryer and turn it on. 5, 10 minutes tops and my laundry is taken care of. No more complaints of no pajamas, no matching socks, or favorite shirts that languish in the dirty hamper. We’ve regained the use of our armchair, and every morning I start the day feeling like I’ve already accomplished something great.

And that… well, do you know what it does to a person to feel that way every day? Makes you feel like the sky’s the limit and just about anything is possible. Like maybe cleaning the kitchen floor. Or, gasp, the bathtub…

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