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In appreciation of the Internet and everyone in it

standard February 6, 2009 1 response
Over the last couple years I have been blown away again and again by the love and support that pours out of the blogging community. Recently that awe has extended itself to embracing the kindness shown on Twitter and Facebook. Complete strangers reach out and donate money for people running marathons, for families in need, for charities they didn’t previously know about. People hand out virtual hugs and pats on the back when they’re needed. People offer advice and help at the drop of a hat. Virtual strangers bend over backwards to help each other get jobs, promote businesses, and do anything else that needs to be done to show support for the members of this ephemeral community that lives and breathes in the airwaves above us.

I wouldn’t be shocked to know that bloggers, Twitterers, and Facebookers are more likely to help virtual friends than “real” friends. Sometimes it’s much easier to help someone you don’t ever have to look in the eye. It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that people help. They reach out and with the tap of a keyboard, the click of a mouse they change lives.

A couple days ago I had a minor freakout about my life. I was a bit scared of what might come next, a lot doubtful of my abilities and strength. I came here and vented. I opened up and shared my fears and my doubts. And you all rallied.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who told me to hang tight. Thank you to everyone who told me to have faith in myself and my talent. Some of you reached out via email and others left comments. I can’t tell you how much every one of those messages meant to me. I shouldn’t need external validation to value my work, but it sure does help to know that others appreciate it. Knowing that you’re there, reading, caring, makes me want to try harder and do better. I want to be the writer you think I am.

I’m not giving up. I’m going to find a way to make this all work. If anyone wants to reach out and offer me a mega million dollar book deal, go right ahead. In the meantime I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, writing for free and doing small jobs here and there. And, yes I know you’re all right, it’ll be ok in the end. Thank you for helping me see that.

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1 response

  • I totally hear you! This stuff is hard, but we ARE gonna make it… I just know it~!

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