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From the Mouths of Babes: Your way, but my way too

standard February 21, 2009 2 responses

“No honey, we can’t do crafts this morning, we have lots of things to do to get ready.”
“What do we have to do?”
“We have to finish breakfast, get dressed, brush your hair, and pack your lunch.”
“I don’t want to pack my lunch.”
“Well, you’re going to be awfully hungry then, aren’t you?”
“No, I want you to pack my lunch. I want you to pack anything you want. Whatever you want mommy!”
“Anything I want? Really?”
“Yes. Anything. Oh. But please don’t pack me any hummus. OK mommy?”
“Sure thing, no hummus.”

We’ve never fed her hummus. We don’t have hummus in the house. I have no idea where that came from, but it gave me a much needed chuckle this morning.

There’s not much to report about father-in-law today. His condition is stable, which is good. He’s being closely monitored and taken care of by a team of very competent doctors who are being optimistic about his recovery.
I can’t tell you how much everyone’s kind words and support means to us. Thank you.

I’m rolling out a new “Sale Announcement” category at The Lemonade Stand that will tip you off to good sales that I hear about. I’m kicking it off with a last minute announcement about a major Jelly Belly sale. Hop on over to check it out!

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2 responses

  • haha I am constantly amazed… like where do they get this stuff? Hummus… I wonder if mine knows what that is? 🙂

  • J- Grace mentioned that back when she was still going there.. I think maybe they’ve served it for snack time? But still, so funny! Anything you want mommy! hehe

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