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Too busy reading about vampires and werewolves to blog

standard January 7, 2009 6 responses

I have this great post to write about something* and how we’re all getting some. I can’t write the word out all the way because if I do I might jinx it and we won’t get it any more and after 16 months of not getting any I was getting very very weary and so now that it’s finally happening I’d hate for it to stop. You know? But it’s been almost a month and I’m finally ready to write about it, or at least I would be if I didn’t have to get back to this other thing that’s taking up all my time.

It’s a little something, a tiny book, you might have heard of it. There’s a girl? And she like totally falls in love with this vampire? And he like totally loves her too? And and there’s also a werewolf? And he also loves the girl? It’s great stuff. People get grounded and go on dates! And there’s kissing!

Well, OK fine, it’s not great literature, but it is a great read. Though I am a little worried that I’m the only girl rooting for the underdogwolf. I find Edward the Vampire to be unbearably controlling and overbearing. Seriously, I keep wondering when Bella is going to tell him to stuff it so she can go hang out with Jake who doesn’t treat her like an incompetent, immature nincompoop. Is that weird? And is it weird that I’m still reading because I’m really, really hoping that she’s going to do it soon?

Yeah, I thought so. It’s OK though, there’s another book and a half for me to read, I’m sure she’ll give him what for at some point or another. And if she doesn’t, please don’t tell me, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it. Hang in there Jake! You’re Bella is coming soon!

*Would you get your mind out of the gutter? Sleep people, I’m talking about sleep. Sheesh.

Original It’s my life… post.

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6 responses

    I LOVE the sereis myself and last nite i fell in Love with the movie and cannot wait for a sequal…hehehe
    enjoyed your post…((hugs))

  • So.. I have to say that while I love Jake I think the way he acts is pretty immature. I mean, he IS only like.. 16 or something. Not that 18 is so much more mature.. But I do agree that Edward is way too controlling. But I can also see his point. To him, humans are so fragile and anything can happen. And Bella does seem to be a bit of an accident-magnet. But that also appeals to the woman in me who longs to be obsessed over and taken care of.. even if it’s unrealistic and would likely piss me off if any man tried to treat me like that.. lol! I’m wondering, actually, if Rob Pattinson (big screen Edward) has enough presence to carry off being so overprotective as Edward gets towards the end of New Moon…

  • Shelby

    Okay, not a big Edward fan here either. I find him to be condescending and controlling and this whole “he’s my life, I can’t live without him” business bothers me. And yes, I am way too involved with and emotional about the characters in those books. 😉

  • I loved the Twilight books. I read all 4 is just under 5 days, I just couldn’t put them down. I think my kids thought something was wrong with me.

    It not that I didn’t like Edward, I did, he just wasn’t my type of guy. I fall for the Jacob type of guys myself.

  • I’m definitely a member of Team Jacob. 🙂

  • Initially I rooted for Jake. Then I rooted for Bella to find herself. She doesn’t need a man, vampire, or werewolf to make her whole! 🙂

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