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I survived. Kinda. I think.

standard January 3, 2009 1 response

The kids have been home with me all week because daycare was closed. Not that they wouldn’t have been home anyway if it had been open, what with the proliferation of snotty, coughy germs around here and everything. I had originally planned a ton of playdates to keep us busy and entertained, but what with said germs we ended up mainly hanging out with just ourselves.

I slept in lay semi-comatose in the early morning while they played in their rooms. We played games, we read books, we did some shopping, went to the mall, and squabbled, squabbled, squabbles, and, oh yeah, squabbled some more.

My usually well behaved girls who get along like a house on fire got into each other’s faces like never before. Hair was pulled, arms were bitten, legs were kicked, and much, much screeching occurred. Mommy’s temper was sorely tried and she may, or may not have lost it a few times. Maybe. Not saying.

Luckily there was also lots and lots of cuddling, hugging, and loving, which is why all three of us are still alive, even if only two of us have almost kicked their germs to the curb. This mama seems to still be as sick as she was last week, with a voice that seems to be heading back for the hills for another stay. And, you know, I’m not saying that the fact that I’m losing my voice and the fact that I was with the kids all week are related, but I am going to say that a) it’s a good thing that it’s the weekend and b) it’s a great thing that daycare is going to be open Monday.

It’s a good thing they’re cute.
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1 response

  • LOL… I always say it’s a good thing my boys are so cute….. hope you feel better soon!

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