Has anyone seen the last six months? Or my brain?

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I have a terribly embarrassing confession to make. I seem to have lost the fall. OK. Wait. If I’m really honest I think I lost the last 6 months.

I know, I know, I’ve been busy. Doing stuff. And I haven’t been sleeping a whole lot. But I truthfully don’t have a ton to show for the last couple months and I certainly haven’t reached my self appointed goals for the end of last year. But, whatever, it’s possible that those goals were a bit lofty anyway.

No, what’s worrisome is that I missed a close friend’s wedding date. I got a Christmas card from her, signed “from the new Mr. & Mrs.” and I swear I thought “Nah, that’s not possible. They’re getting married in the fall.” At which point I realized that I was a total loser and that the fall was like months ago and that I missed one of my oldest friend’s wedding. And seriously. Who does that?

It’s not like I was going, England is pretty darn far, but still! I could have sent a gift! A couple supportive emails! A request for photos! A darn congratulatory card! Anything! I feel like the worst friend in the world. Did I mention that this friend flew across the world to my wedding? And brought a gift? And slept on the floor in my apartment? That makes it worse doesn’t it?

So here’s the plan. In 2009, I’m a) getting a better calendar b) putting all important dates on said calendar AND on my Google and Yahoo calendars c) sending a really really nice gift to my friend. Then I’m going to figure out some realistic and attainable goals for the year. I’m not making any other resolutions. It would be a waste of time, it’s not like I’d remember them anyway.

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2 responses

  • let me know if you need help syncing up all your calendars 🙂 That was my challenge this year and I think I finally figured it out!

  • My eldest is always asking me “Mom do you remember…”. Seriously, I get the question 10-15 times a day. I tell him…”shoot, I’m lucky to remember last WEEK”! *lol* Happy New Year!

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