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If you check in on a blog you haven’t read in a while and the kids who were just born are just turning one… clearly it’s been a long long while and not just the few weeks you thought. Hello. When did time start to speed up?

I hate car shopping. I hate the smarmy sales people. I hate the game. I hate the fact that we’re up a creek and need to buy a car.

How is it already December 31st? Where did the year go?

How is Little L talking? Where did my baby go?

Why have I not gotten my act together yet? I’ve been freelancing for months now. I should have my act together by now.

Also, what is the deal with the paralyzing fear of success that’s keeping me from, say, working on the projects that really mean something to me? It’s not a fear of failure, I can handle failure, success scares me though.

I had a big plan to clean the girls’ room, clean the bathroom, go grocery shopping, and do a bunch of other stuff today. I managed to clean the girls’ room. Yay me. I have no idea what we did with the rest of the day.

Also, cleaning when Little L is trying to help is rather frustrating and futile. She brings you everything you’ve carefully put away and puts other things in their place. Like, say, banana peels. In the dresser.

Tomorrow is day three of “we all have some kind of bronchitis/flue/plague and anyway daycare is closed so the girls couldn’t go even if they were healthy, which they aren’t” week. It feels like day 10. Wish me luck. And also, send someone to clean the bathroom because I doubt I’ll get to it. You know, what with all the other urgent stuff that we’re doing. Like putting away banana peels.

In other news, if you had a buck or ten lying around that you wanted to donate before the end of the year, this young girl and her mom sure could use your help tonight:

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4 responses

  • Sounds like life with daughters is about as much fun as life with sons…. Hope you all get feeling better soon.

  • I think you’ve nailed it. Picking up those extra banana peels are very time consuming, and can make every simple task twice as long. The best thing, I’ve found, is to forget comparing tasks to pre-child efficiency. Good luck with the car. The jobs will come. You’re a very good writer.

  • Peace. I think you’re doing great. To consider: you’ve all been away, your car got smashed up, and you’ve all been sick. No need to conquer the world today.

    I can think of a few things you have accomplished: you helped that woman and her daughter and you’ve kept your blog up. I, for one, like reading it.

    Remember that the beauty of freelancing is that you are your own boss. Why not try to be a nice one?

  • If you’re in the market for an Acura, buying a car from Sunnyvale Acura was actually a decent experience. There were no pushy, smarmy sales people. They treated me very well, even w/o the husband around. There was no haggling or playing games. I can find the name of our salesperson if you’re interested.

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