The holidays in pictures – Part 2

standard December 24, 2008 1 response

Hey! Did you know that when kids catch laryngitis they actually get croup? Ask me how I found out! Or rather don’t because I don’t have a voice and I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Despite my frantic whispering, C’s seal bark, and Little L’s cold/asthma flare up we’re still having a lovely time hanging out with the cousins.

I mean, is there anything more fun than
decorating Spritz cookies with your aunt and cousin?

How about bundling up to go brave the New Jersey cold?
Oh, wait. California girls don’t much like the cold.
Especially when they learn that the Zoo is closed.

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1 response

  • Oh noo, croup is the worst! Did you know that going outside in the cool air actually helps though? Good think you are in Jersey! Glad you are still having fun though!

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