The holidays in pictures – Part 1

standard December 23, 2008 3 responses

Yesterday was all about vegging, recovering from the accident and the trip, and tree trimming. Today was about well, vegging and relaxing, and learning to follow in mommy’s footsteps.

Even the youngest tree trimmers have a job.
Biggest and littlest cousins working hard side by side.
Taking a picture of five kids is like herding cats.
A girl and a computer… it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.
Or something.

Original It’s my life… post.

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3 responses

  • Thanks for adding me to your twitter following. I was looking at your pics and thinking, my goodness the cousins look like Vanessa’s kids, and then saw that she is your sister!
    I love her blog, and I’m so excited to have found yours. And, we’re Bay Area neighbors no less.
    Glad you made it to NJ on time, and that nobody was hurt in the accident. What a bizarre story, yet knowing the driving in these parts I’m not completely surprised.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  • Whoo! Start ’em out young on the Mac 😉

  • Those are the cutest pics. My little one (going to be seven in Jan) put up his little tree all by himself last week. We’re not Christians but my son loves to put up the tree and decorate it. He also knows that Christmas stands for, among other things, peace and hope. God bless your family.

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