The air is green with germs

standard December 27, 2008 2 responses

Before we left home I was feeling a bit under the weather, but I haven’t been really sick for ever and I brushed it off as a touch of a cold and assumed that it would just blow over. By the time we landed in New Jersey I had lost my voice, then I started coughing.

C fell next, croup, which is apparently the childhood version of laryngitis. Then Little L came down with a cold, which caused her asthma to flair up as it always does. My what ever it is got progressively worse and then M got sick too.

I feel like we descended on my sister’s house with the plague. I’ve been moping around on the couch, going through tissues like there’s no tomorrow. Little L keeps throwing up because of all the coughing, C is coughing and sneezing everywhere, and M is starting to steal my tissues. It’s lovely, really. I know you wish you were here.

So, really, that’s why there haven’t been any pictures the last two days. Do you really want to see my pile of dirty tissues or the mounds of vomity laundry that I’ve had to do? Pictures will be back tomorrow when we finally venture out of the house for the first time in days. The Big Apple, I think, or maybe the end of the street. Whatever we manage to reach before someone else starts to feel sick.

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