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Sometimes the holidays start with a crash

standard December 21, 2008 13 responses

The car slammed into us so hard that C’s lovey flew out of her hands and landed at my feet.
“Fuuuuuck!” I howled, shocked by the attack.
“It’s OK. Are you OK?” M asked me. “Are you guys OK?” He asked the stunned girls in the back seat. I glanced back at the two sets of wide eyes staring at us.
“My heaaaad! It huuuuurts!” C started wailing, hands clutching at her head. A quick assessment showed that she wasn’t so much hurt as shook up. Little L just stared at us, unsure of what to think. Clearly she was OK as well.

We glanced around us to see where we had stopped and to see if anyone was hurt. The car that had hit us was mangled, bumper on the road, front of the car completely crumpled. For a moment it seemed as though a third car was also involved, but they drove off so quickly it was unclear if they had actually been in the fray or not.

A passing ambulance saw the carnage and stopped to make sure that everyone was alright. The driver lent his phone to the guy who hit us, who promptly drove off, with the phone, in a flurry of sparks and broken car bits. We all stared after him completely flabbergasted. Where did he think he was going in his destroyed Honda?

After a million hours California Highway Patrol finally arrived on the scene. And after a long while we convinced them that a) we needed a police report and b) we couldn’t drive off and needed a tow, because there was something drastically wrong with the back of the car, and the exhaust pipe seemed to be emptying itself into the car. Whoops.

To make a ridiculously long story short, CHP agreed to write up a report, the perpetrator of the hit and run was caught, the tow truck came to collect our poor car, and a heroic friend came to our rescue.

But the best news of all, aside from the fact that none of us seem to be hurt, was that we miraculously did not miss our flight to New Jersey, scheduled to take off three hours after the
accident. A ton of snow and some thrilled cousins awaited us and it didn’t take all of us much time to shake off the post accident jitters and dig into some serious snow play!

This week, in a effort to spend as much time with my family as possible, instead of lengthy wordy posts like this one, I’m going to attempt to sum up each day with just one picture. Wish me luck, with five kids running around and delighting in each other’s presence I have a lot of pictures to chose from!

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13 responses

  • Holy cow! I’m glad it ended up o.k., all things considered. And, since no one was hurt, blah, blah, blah, I’m especially glad you didn’t miss your flight.

  • I’m so glad they caught the jackass. That is miserable, but it all worked out. Enjoy your vacation!

  • Glad you made your flight, but even more glad they caught the jerk! I can’t believe you’d even have to argue to get a police report filed.

    That’s an awesome snowman. Hope the rest of your trip is hassle-free!
    Happy Holidays!
    Chicago Moms Blog

  • So thankful that you are all OK; that’s some scary stuff.

  • That’s pretty scary! I’m glad you all didn’t get hurt.

    Love the picture! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  • Whew! What a story. Enjoy your holidays! I hope it’s all fun and no drama for the rest of the vacation.

  • That is scary but I am so glad you are all ok! Plus the driver actually stole the phone from the ambulance driver??

  • Thank god you are all okay & they caught him!

    The CHP is yes, supposed to fill out a report. He was probably just too lazy to do it lol.

    Anyhow, glad everything turned out okay & happy holidays!

  • So glad none of you are hurt and that they caught that jerk. Enjoyt he rest of your visit and hopefully it will be peaceful! Have a great Christmas!

  • Hi. OMG, I got scared reading your post. I am glad they caught that moron. I just heard about another hit and run, a colleague’s husband’s arm was broken. Guy said he’d be right back to help him, then took off. Nice!

    I just found your blog because I’m also featured on The Ultimate Role Mommy Blogroll. If you have time (probably not!), swing on by to comment on my post about two kids vs. three.

  • OMG, I’m so glad that you’re all ok!! What a horrible ordeal to go through!

    FYI – in CA, I think it’s a law that you have to replace your carseats if you’re in an accident, but hopefully, your insurance will cover the replacement cost. I was in a fender bender 2ys ago & that’s what my insurance agent told me. Amazon has some Britax’s on sale right now. LMK if you need to borrow a couple, we have extras.

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip!

  • holy cow! did this happen after the party on the way home???


    i’ll be calling you now.

  • Oh MY goodness! That is so scary! I can’t believe you were in any shape to fly after that experience. I hope the rest of the Christmas vacation goes much better.

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