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standard December 30, 2008 1 response

When I was a kid I was a “Super” Speller. Yes, super in quotes, it was a euphemism for “kids who can’t spell worth a damn.” Our teacher thought that calling us Super Spellers would keep the other kids in the dark about our remedial status. It didn’t work, but whatever, my social status might have taken a hit, but my spelling improved, which in the long run mattered a whole lot more than grade school popularity.

Today I find myself in need of another type of remedial class. I need a “Super” Bluetooth User group. I consider myself a techy kind of gal. I heartily embrace technology, love learning about cutting edge tools, and everything that goes with it. So why can I simply not figure out the whole Bluetooth thing?

  • Every time I try to turn it on I call someone. Then I accuse the person of calling me when I finally get the thing into my ear.
  • Every time I try to turn it off I call someone.
  • Whenever I try to switch from headset to handset I drop the call.
  • I seem to be unable to remember that if I walk away from the car and make a call, then go back to the car to get whatever it is I forgot the Bluetooth will pick up the call, leaving me saying “Hello? Hello?” into the phone like an idiot wondering where my call went. It is embarrassing how often I do this.
  • And last, but most definitely not least, I am completely incapable of remembering to bring in the darn thing so I can charge it when it runs out of juice. Which I guess renders the rest completely moot since I can therefore never use my Bluetooth headset.

My greatest regret about my super awesome new BlackBerry is that the headset jack is too big for my old trusty corded headset. You know, the one that never needed to be charged and was completely idiot proof. The one that sits in the center console of the car, right next to the uncharged Bluetooth and torments me with it’s complete and utter uselessness.

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1 response

  • You and me both Rose – I’ve never been good with that particular type of headset either. I don’t even want to use Bluetooth though: As a wireless technology it’s vulnerable to hacking over radio waves, just like wireless networks. I don’t want anyone seeing who I call! 🙂

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