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standard December 29, 2008 5 responses

Ahhh that fresh smell of a fridge not cleaned out, dinner not cleaned off the table, baby food left open for a week. OK, fine, so the house doesn’t smell that bad, and cleaning out the fridge didn’t require a hazmat suit, but in case you were wondering, if you’re a bit anal retentive I don’t recommend choosing the middle of a crisis to leave like a bat out of hell before even looking around to see if anything was going to say, rot, while you were off celebrating the holidays with your family.

All is well now, the girls settled right into their own beds with almost a sigh of relief. M has already gotten into our bed and since I’m sure my munchkins are going to be on East Coast time for a while I’d better follow suit.

Regular programing resumes tomorrow. Betcha can’t wait!

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