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From the mouths of babes: Sharing the love

standard December 10, 2008 1 response

“I could stay, let you guys go home without me.” I say wistfully to M as we drive away from the beach at the end of a lovely weekend away. “I’d get so much writing done and the sleeping would be awesome.”
M just laughed, but C, who always listens when we think she’s oblivious, piped in. “But mommy! Who would give you kisses?”
“You’re right baby, who would give me kisses?”
“I know! I could put lots of kisses into your pocket and you could pull them out when you need them!”
“Oh! That’s a great idea! But who would give me huggies?”
“Oh… Well, maybe you could call R*! She would come give you all the hugs you want!”
“That would be absolutely perfect. I’d miss you guys, but it would be awesome.” I told her as we headed into the mountains and the ocean faded from view.

*R is one of my close friends. She’s be thrilled to come hang out at the beach sans kids to give me hugs.

Original It’s my life… post.

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1 response

  • Thats really cute!

    Thank you for the comment on my friend’s blog – he really appreciated it and replyed as well on there (i dont know if you’ve been back today!)

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