Weekly Winners – The one where the older sister rules for once!

standard November 23, 2008 12 responses

Every week I crack out the camera and I take a bajillion pictures of my girls. And then I look at them and maybe 85% of the shots are of Little L. It’s not favoritism, I swear. It’s just that C poses and says Cheese, and it drives me up the wall. Little L ignores me and I can get her true essence on film.

This week however, I was delighted to discover a ton of great shots of C. And so, for once, my Weekly Winners feature more C and a lot less Little L. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Don’t forget to go visit Sarcastic Mom’s place for more great Weekly Winners!

Welcome! What are you waiting for?
Scroll down!
When it’s 70F and sunny…
You sit in the back yard with a ukulele.
See? All teeth intact.
Wobbly, but intact.
Limbo – Ur doin’ it wrong.
Pretty – Ur doin’ it right.
Relaxin’ – Ur doin’ it very right.

Have a great weekend everyone! See you all Monday.

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