Weekly Winners – The having too much fun version

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“What is going on?” I howled through the partially open shower door. “What’s all that banging?” I’ve taken a major risk by jumping into the shower, leaving the girls alone for five minutes, but the banging and crashing coming from the living room is most definitely worrisome. At this point it’s doubtful that they are nicely playing with the Weeble Wobbles I set them up with. I’m just hoping I can get the shampoo out of my hair before someone starts to cry.
“Nothing mammy!” C calls back. “We’re just having so much fun!”

In case you were wondering, few words strike that kind of fear in a mother’s heart. Turns out they were just having fun, harmless, non mess making fun. A true miracle. Though it was a bummer from a blogging perspective. So, I’m sorry, but this week I’m giving you more cutesy Weekly Winners instead of messy ones. Enjoy! And don’t forget to hop over to Sarcastic Mom’s place to see other Weekly Winners.

One day I didn’t move fast enough to get Little L a snack.
She took matters into her own hands.
Or, rather, fist.
Then she busted a move.
OK. OK. It was another day, but she was still getting down.
I know, it’s fuzzy.
But the looove… well worth the noise.
Such a poser that one.
Check out my bad ass baby sporting her very first tat.
Or as she calls it, her “pweety.”
Big baaa, very big baaaa.
This was taken today. In November.
This weather is odd, even for North California.
But clearly the girls are loving it.
One day she’ll be a famous musician.
This photo will be on her album cover.
Or MySpace page or whatever.
I missed it by a micro second, but that hand?
Was totally rubbing her little sister’s head.
Cue collective awwww now.

Happy Weekend everyone. See you all on Monday.

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