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standard November 19, 2008 4 responses

“So? How’s the writing coming along?” They always ask. And truthfully, it’s a valid question. I quit a job with a steady paycheck to follow my bliss and become a writer. It makes sense that four months later people would want to know how I was getting on with becoming the next great American writer.

“Ah, it’s, ah, going great!” I answer, because it is! I love being a writer. I love spending my days writing articles. I love everything about it, not the least of which is seeing my name at the top or bottom of something I’ve composed and published.

But I’m pretty sure that’s not what they want to know. They want to know if I’m making any money. And, ah, so far, not so much. So then stammer and launch into my favorite explanation: I’m treating my new business like a Start-Up. I’m networking like crazy. I’m writing as much as I can and getting my name out there. I’m making plans. I’m thinking big. And I’m trying hard not to worry about the limited income. Hey, at least I’m doing better than most Start-Ups, I’m not bleeding money!

Oh, and in case you were wondering where else you can read all my brilliant prose…
I recently started writing for New Mother Central, where I’d love some comment love and support.
I write weekly(ish) at Type-A Moms, where I’m the Babies editor and where you can win awesome prizes all week.
I write bi-weekly(ish) at Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Where I’m known as Rose.
Of course I Twitter hourly, but most of you already know that.

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4 responses

  • My parents ask me the same thing. I did not exactly choose to leave my latest job. (I was partially downsized, but at least I got to keep the fun part–writing the company blog!) However, I am choosing to pursue my freelance career instead of clawing my way through another round of interviews for positions not in my field. We’ll see how it goes. Good luck to you!

  • Oh I hate the dreaded “how is your writing going” or “where do you write”. It’s so hard explaining to other people that most of what I write is used somewhere without my name, and that most of the time I have no idea what site it’s put on. Also, I really never know what to say other than it’s going great…so just wanted you to know you’re not alone. As writers, as long as we are actually writing, and not just sitting and thinking or reading about writing, I think we’re doing good. 🙂

  • Hey, little MWSF girl! Looks like you’re doing great with your blog. Come visit me at mine sometimes. I always having writing posts on Wednesdays. Huggage!

  • We must live parallelish lives! I quit my job (and a good paycheck) a few years ago to become a marketing consultant. Now I’m working on writing too. I blog more than anything, which isn’t paying off…yet! Keep the faith. I also write for Deep South Moms (another SVMoms blog) and am the Raising Foodie Kids editor at Foodie Mama (through TypeA Mom). Good luck to you and congrats for following your passion! Oh, and I am addicted to Twitter. Damn Twitter!

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