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Open letter to the 44th President of the United States

standard November 6, 2008 6 responses

Dear President Obama, (Wow, does that sound good or what?)

Congratulations on your momentous victory. If you are half the man we believe you to be this country has most definitely made the right choice.

Thank you for waking up the American people and showing them that it’s OK to hope again. I am in awe at the sheer number of people who were moved to campaign. As Kelby Carr puts it in her eloquent post we “have voted before, sure. But [we]’ve voted against, not for. [We]’ve voted to keep someone out, not put someone in.” It was awe inspiring to be part of the rebirth of the American hope. For the first time ever I’ve voted for someone instead of against another. It’s a great feeling.

You have already been the catalyst for change. You have shown the people that they have the power to change their country. You have shown us that “Yes, we can!” It’s a beautiful thing to see people motivated to fix the things they feel are broken. It is moving to see people want to help their fellow countrymen. It is amazing to watch people think of the country’s needs before their personal well being. It’s been a long time coming.

I am just concerned by one thing. You have some pretty big expectations to fulfill. There are a lot of people waiting to see if you can accomplish all that you have promised. But I believe in you and in the power of the American people. Together we can fix everything that is wrong with this country and improve everything that is great about it.

The American people have showed you what they are capable of doing. Harness that power, use it for this change you keep promising. Don’t forget about us as you take office. Show us the way and we will make you proud. We voted with our feet, we can do the same to help you achieve your goals.

Last night I watched the results and beamed with joy. Today I am proud to hold my head up and declare myself an American. We live in interesting times, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Jessica, aka Rose, proud American.

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6 responses

  • Great letter-I felt the same way this morning. Wasn’t his speech amazing? There are some large expectations but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being hopeful:-) Now we’ll see what happens WITH us not TO us.

  • I’m a Canadian so it’s been interesting to watch it all unfold from an ‘outside’ stand point. I can see why these events would compel you to write out your thoughts and it’s great that you did!

  • It certainly was an awesome thing to watch…history in the making…I was overwhelmed and so proud to be livin’ in the good ‘ol USofA last night…waking up this morning I still was in awe…

    beautifully written letter :)…

  • I’m hoping that the moment of promised change will happen when President Elect Obama becomes President Obama. Politics have been too divisive in recent memory. Now, more that ever, we need to come together as a country.

    Government is supposed to be a collaboration not a competition. Hopefully, the Congress will get together to work things out for the betterment of the nation and will work with the President to make our hopes a reality, rather than try to maneuver to their best advantage.

    This moment in our country’s history isn’t about which political party won or how others can be made to look bad. It’s about who loses if the parties don’t cooperate. That’s us! We stand on a precipice. We can continue poor policies and fall to the rocks below or we can promote good policies and step back from the brink to safety and increased strength as a nation.

    I extend this letter to Congress. Any failure that might occur will be yours to bear as well, not solely President Obama’s, just as any success will be for all of us to share. Don’t fail us.

  • I feel much the same way that you do. My concern lies with the sheer scale of our problems and statements made that the economy won’t get patched up until at least 2011.

    Electing Obama is a step in the right direction. Now we have two months of Bush printing money to “fix” the economy. With a little luck, he will not do any worse than that before he and his buddies will have to leave the premises.

    I fear that this healing, this change will take patience, and I don’t know if most Americans – both within our government and outside of our government – have enough of that.

    Still, I have hope that even my deepest fears are unfounded, and Obama can at the very least put together a solid groundwork for a better future during his time as president. He’s already proven himself to have all the intelligence, the determination and the leadership needed to make it happen.

  • z

    Great letter. It had not even occurred to me that this was the first time I was voting for someone not against someone. V.True!!

    I too was immediately worried about the high expectations that have been set forth and I hope that all of us who campaigned to elect him will also be there to support him get things done.


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