One of the many mysteries of parenthood

standard November 7, 2008 2 responses

This morning my darling children decided to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5am. Now, I don’t know about your household, but ’round these parts, we don’t get up until 7ish. So, at 5am, after a fitful, not so restful night, you can imagine that I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be up.

I sent C back to her bed in a hurry and I retired to the couch with Little L. Now, on most mornings when Little L and I don’t exactly see eye to eye about whether or not we should be up, I can cuddle with her on the couch under a big comforter and she’ll usually go back to sleep. Sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion, but it’s usually a guaranteed thirty or forty more winks.

This morning she was having none of it. She’d been up and her beloved big sister had been up, ergo, it was clearly time for everyone to be up. I lay with her on the couch, pinning her tight against me, hand holding her pacifier in her mouth, for a long, long time. Usually if I hold her like that she goes back to sleep in minutes and we enjoy a long lazy sleepy snuggle. This morning she fought me and struggled. She stuck her fingers in my eyes and she even tried to see if she could get away with biting my arm.

Which is when I realized that I had somehow misplaced the pacifier.

OK. So here’s what I don’t get. If I am lying on the couch on my side, and my rather small daughter is lying next to me, and there is nothing else on the couch other than the comforter, and I have been lying quite still and holding the baby in place, how is it possible that I lost the pacifier? I looked everywhere the pacifier could have been; under the cushion, under the baby, under me, on the comforter, everywhere. Needless to say I didn’t find it.

Since Little L doesn’t sleep without the pacifier and by then I’d been fighting with her for over an hour and a half, I finally admitted defeat and let her get up. Once we were off the couch I did another thorough pacifier search, but I never found the little sucker.

I found it tonight. A foot away from the end of the couch. Seriously. Can you please explain that?

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2 responses

  • We’re the same way with the pacifiers.. and we have like, a dozen. Sometimes we have tons at our fingertips and other times we can’t find any of them and we usually throw some kind of tantrum along with Cate..

  • No problem explaining it: You blinked!

    If your wee one is the least bit like my g’toddler, she can quite easily fling something across the room in a millisecond…even with her arms pinned down. You were just too tired to catch it.

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