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Nothing scary this way comes

standard November 1, 2008 4 responses

No witches or ghouls around this house, just princesses and chickens, but what a hit Halloween was this year! C was thrilled to go trick-or-treating. Little L had a good time riding along in the stroller. And when we were done with our quick run around the block we headed home where C took over the candy distribution like she’d been doing it for years.

M and I watched from the comfort of the couch as she greeted the masses with a demure “Please help yourself.” Sometimes punctuated with a “You can take two pieces if you want.” Quite the little hostess!

I could go on and on about how it was odd that this year so few houses put up decorations in a neighborhood that usually goes all out. Or how I felt decidedly uncomfortable visiting homes that boasted “Yes on 8” signs. Or even how bizarre I find the neighbors who try to bribe kids with glow sticks in exchange for listening to a Bible story. (I have a hunch that it’s the same family who wishes us a Happy All Saints Day Eve and hand us prayer cards in exchange for candy. So weird.) But you don’t want to hear any of that. Nah, you want pictures. Right? Thought so. Have at it.

Who says chickens and princesses can’t be friends?
Who wants a piece of chicken?
I want a chunk out of that cheek.
(Wait. Is that wrong and creepy?)
A little pre-trick-or-treating cheese.
This princess has her curtsy down pat.
The early bird catches the worm,
and the early trick-or-treaters get the good candy.
Chicken BUTT!
What? You’ve never seen a chicken in a stroller before?

And that’s a wrap. Bring on the next holiday. Mmmm turkey.

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4 responses

  • Very cute pictures. And really, what can you do about your neighbors? I’m happy to report that a large number of the trick or treaters who came to our door told me that they loved my Obama pin.

  • Love the pics. Love the chicken costume, we had that one for CW a couple years ago (and AK will probably wear it next year) We got him an empty KFC bucket to collect his candy in…

  • People bribe with glow sticks???? What is going on in California!

    The girls are adorable. I can’t believe it’s already over.

  • Oh the cuteness! My eyes! Wow, I can’t believe that L is a year old??? Where did the time go?

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