Irony – I haz it.

standard November 15, 2008 1 response

“C, honey, I need you to listen carefully, because when you don’t listen and mommy has to say the same thing four times it makes her very, very cranky.” I’m kneeling in front of her, eyes locked on hers, doing my best to stay calm after a long day of being ignored and whined at a lot.
I’m tired. Very tired. Last night C woke me up twice, Little L once, and both girls were up at 6:15. I’ve been tired for a long time. Possibly for the 15 months since I last slept through the night. Possibly longer. I can’t remember.
C looks up at me with a concerned, compassionate look on her sweet little face. “You know, Mommy, when you are very cranky it means you should get more sleep.”

Irony – We haz it by the bucketful ’round these parts.

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1 response

  • Sadly, I’ve come to accept that sleep is one of those things that will never be the same as it was before kids…

    But for me, being ignored has been way harder for me to deal with. By the end of the day, my default tone is high pitched yelling. Ugh.

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