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Interview with the president of AddsYou – A great place for writers

standard November 10, 2008 1 response

If you’re anything like me you belong to way too many social networks and they’re all pretty much the same, right? Good friends, great conversations, support, networking… But, what if I told you there was something new in the works, something huge?

AddsYou is a place for writers, where they can publish their work, network with industry professionals, and yes, maybe even earn some money. Cool, right?

Don’t take it from me, take it from the president of AddsYou, who I had the luck to be able to interview.

Writers, this one’s for you! See you on AddsYou at the end of the month.

1) In a nutshell can you explain what Adds You offers that can’t be found elsewhere online?

Hmm, well, I guess I should start with our unique value proposition: An easy to use social publishing network that increases the exposure and visibility of authors through marketing user generated content online and offline and pays them for their contribution.

So, if you enjoy writing, we want to help you get recognized. Also, when you’re not publishing you can connect with other writers in the social publishing network that have similar interests and passions.

2) Who do you think will be your biggest user? New writers trying to make a name for themselves or veteran writers?

That’s a great question. There are currently about 1,000 users registered for the site. Based on the responses of people who signed up to test the Alpha site, I’d say the majority of them are bloggers, journalist and professionals – about 75% of them. I believe that many of the people on the site will be authors trying to make a name for themselves, but I am working on getting prominent authors to use the site to market their books on our site. That should help us generate traffic and show other aspiring authors that this is a real place to gain notoriety. That will probably take place right before we go from alpha to beta (early 2009).

3) How are you going to entice more popular/experienced writers to come post content at Adds You?

We have a strategy in place for novelists which are to target literary agents. That is one of the main reasons why we brought on a very prominent agent as a board of advisor. Also, once we get some feedback from the alpha testing it will help us further our strategy.

4) Do you think that posting on AddsYou will help previously unpublished authors get noticed by agents and editors?

Absolutely! Since we work closely with literary agents and publishers this is the perfect network for them to publish their content. I bet we’ll get several people published before we get to the beta version of the site. Once beta is launched, there will be many people published each and every week.

5) Will a section of Adds You be dedicated to social networking or will everything be about publishing writing?

Social networking is intertwined throughout the site. The collection tools are all about networking with other authors and to meet new people. You’ll be able to contact other users on the site too. We also added a tool similar to that of Twitter and are in the works of integrating their site into ours. Social networking with publishing equals a social publishing network!

6) Will it be possible to join “groups” of writers who have something in common with each other? (i.e. Mom Writers, new writers, magazine writers, novelists….)

Yes, and yes!!! That is our “Shared Collections”. You’ll be able to join a shared collection with other moms, people who like Disneyland, etc… you name it there may be a shared collection for it, or you can simply create your own!

7) How do my readers benefit from this posting?

Your readers can go to www.addsyou.com/special, but there are only 250 to give out! When you begin testing the site, just like your readers, you’ll be able to invite people to the site earn points and be able to spend them on cool stuff to increase your visibility.

8) The AddsYou site is billed as replacing the need for a blog, forum, or wiki; so who is your targeted customers? Professional published writers? Freelancers? Is there a demography you can share based on members so far (you started in July, right)?

That is correct. Our site is geared to authors. That means bloggers, novelist, journalists, students, professionals, ordinary people like me and you. We love to write and share information, knowledge if you will, to the masses. And yes, we do plan on eventually creating an offering that is much more attractive than a blog, forum or wiki, something more practical and easier to use. We’ve developed collections for authors to use to sort their publishings and present them the way they want to. These tools are a great way to share info with the community, build relationships with other writers. Like, you could have a Shared collection on “Web 2.0 sites” or “Italian Recipes”, people can share their recipes or sites in these collections to others interested. You join the collection and can start added to it. For those that want to sort their info in a collection and don’t want others to contribute, those authors will use personal collections. A novelist could use these collections to break their book up on our site into chapters.

9) And writers are paid? Can you elaborate about this, and where the funding comes from?

Yes, authors can get paid for their contribution. That means if they publish content on the site they are eligible to receive advertising revenue. For you, you’re probably going to never stop blogging on your site, fine! Well, we’ve developed a blog importing tool for you to also publish your content on our site. This is a way for you to earn advertising revenue, but more importantly, if you choose to use our free Licensing Manager, you’ll have the ability for us to go out and market your content on and offline. That means we could get you published in print media – magazines, newspapers, journals, books, you name it! That is where the really unique value proposition comes in. We want to be able to help people get discovered and increase their visibility unlike many of the blogging or publishings sites on the web right now. Back to your question, funding for paying writers comes from advertising, sponsorships of collections and also major media publications. The revenue an author can make from getting their work published in print media is far more substantial than any pay-per-click “Ad-Sense” campaign they can do on their own.

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1 response

  • Emily, New Jersey Moms Blog

    Thanks for your interview. Your questions have made how Adds You work more clearer to me than anything I have read so far!

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