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Escaping into luxury

standard November 8, 2008 1 response

On Sunday M and I are heading south to The Post Ranch Inn for a romantic weekend. Oh, please, don’t think for a moment that we can afford this in the least. We only get to live in the lap of luxury for two nights because a person M did some work for thought she’d force our hand into taking a weekend off by paying him with a gift certificate to this ridiculously expensive hideaway.

I was annoyed for a while. It’s a lot of money. Money that could go to paying the preschool, a few months of cleaning service, a whole week away somewhere less expensive, fixing up the house, or just paying the bills while I try to get my freelance career on track.

But now I’m glad. We would never have done something as crazy as this. We would never go off to an adult only romantic resort, gone to a 3 star restaurant, or had in-room massages. And, truth is, we really need this time together.

And a little luxury never killed anyone. Right? And it’s a good thing we’ll never be able to go back, because let me tell you, I’m pretty sure my “I had two kids in the last four years and I haven’t bought new clothes since the first pregnancy” look is going to go over great with the regulars.

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