And that’s how came to be buying drugs in a shady parking lot

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Her Volvo pulled up alongside my Honda and she rolled down her window. The parking lot was almost deserted, just us, a lone school bus and a few parked cars here and there. The glaring “Going out of business” sign on the side of the Mervyn’s was the only splash of color in the grey morning light.
“So, uhm, how much do you want?” I asked as she handed me two shiny foil wrapped packets.
“Uhh, how about $25?”
“OK. Sounds good.” I pocketed the drugs and handed her the money. We said our goodbyes and I got back into my car. She drove off in one direction and I headed the other way. Three minutes. In a shady parking lot. Drugs and money exchanged hands. My very first drug deal*. They always say there’s no limit to what you’ll do for your children. They were right.

*In case you were worried, all that was purchased was an emergency supply** of asthma medication for Little L.
**The medication was needed because the Canadian pharmacy*** we get her meds from messed up my last order. Bastards.
***I order my meds from Canada because here in the US one month’s supply of meds for one child**** costs $300/month. In Canada the same drug costs $45/month.
**** I have two children with asthma. The $300/month doesn’t even cover the rescue medicine. That’s another $160/month/child. Luckily we don’t have to buy that every month.

The other trafficker was a now beloved Twitter friend who jumped to my rescue after my huge showdown with the Canadian pharmacy when it became apparent that neither tears nor my extremely angry mommy voice was going to get them to come through with overnight shipping. (Something about stupid customs or something. Sheesh.) I Twittered my rage and despair and jokingly asked if someone could float me some meds for a couple days. I never expected someone to actually help. I almost cried I was so moved. Just another Twitter success story.

Also, it is possible that I over dramatized the story for literary effect. Though the exchange did take place in an almost deserted parking lot. And there was a Mervyn’s. We went to see what they had left after my new best friend left with her sweetly sleeping child who never woke up as we did our shady deal. We bought some sweaters for C and some socks for Little L. In case you were wondering.

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