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I didn’t post last night. Didja notice? Hun? Hun? Oh. You didn’t? Well, thanks. I love you too.

With everyone getting all gung ho about the start of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) I realized that I, ah, kinda forgot to stop posting every day after the last NaBloPoMo. If you do the math that means that I posted 365 days in a row. (I know! I’s good at math! I know you’re impressed.)

So in honor of 365 days of blog I decided not to post a blog post here at It’s my life… But apparently this blogger has a bit of a problem. Because she couldn’t leave it at that. Noooooo. She couldn’t not blog for one whole night. Noooooo. So she posted not one, but two, blog posts over at The Lemonade Stand.

You see, there was a little moment there when I thought that doing NaBloPoMo might be fun. Because obviously I can do it. And maybe the world would come to a stand still if I didn’t share some random thoughts with the world for a whole day here or there. And if I didn’t participate in every single event the world might forget about me. And that would be horrible, terrible, no good! For me. And possibly my poor fragile little ego.

So I blogged. Because I can’t not blog. Because I have a problem.

Uh…. does anyone know of a Compulsive Bloggers Anonymous program? (And while we’re at it does anyone know of a Twitterers Anonymous program, rumor has it I might have a bit of a Twitter problem too…)

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