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A new first for us – The ol’ acorn up the nose trick

standard November 9, 2008 9 responses

M left at the crack of dawn to go to an all day conference up in the city. He woke me up just as he was leaving, and since the girls were playing nicely I stayed in bed and snoozed a bit longer.

It worked for a while. The girls were entertaining themselves in their room and popping in every few minutes to hand me some trinket or toy. Unfortunately, after a while they decided they’d rather play in our room, land of the errant coin and earplug.

Weary of getting up every three seconds to wrestle something from Little L’s closed fist or tightly shut mouth, I moved the party to the living room where I hunkered on the couch under a comforter and the girls settled in for a little Caillou watching. It was awesome.

For a while.

“Mommy? The teeny tiny baby acorn is stuck in my nose!” C called from her armchair. I took a micro second to process what she was saying. Tiny acorn? Nose? Whaaa? The I lept up from the couch and pulled her towards me. Couldn’t see anything. Could feel a small bump in her nose. Crud.

OK. So, C is 3. Do you know how small a 3 year old nose is? Do you know how small an acorn has to be to fit in her nose? Pretty darn small. I tell you. Pretty darn small.

I rushed to find the tweezers (in the bathroom) and a flashlight (under the sideboard in the dining room) and I carefully threw lay C on the couch. One quick check with the flashlight and I could see the little bugger lodged pretty high up. Visions of an early Saturday visit to the pediatrician’s office danced through my head as I very carefully reached into the nostril with my trusty tweezers. (Note to self, clean them before my next eyebrow tweezing session.)

It is amazing to me that during this whole ordeal C didn’t emit a single cry. In fact she didn’t shed a tear until I held up my prize acorn and told her I was going to throw it out. Which I’m kinda sad I did because now I don’t have a picture to show you the world’s smallest acorn, and possibly the first to get stuck in someone’s nose.

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9 responses

  • When Einey was ohh 2, she had a piece of a toy flower get lodged up her nose. Only it was so far up that I couldn’t see it. The ER doc almost couldn’t either. She calmly told me it was stuck and her nose was bleeding a little and, well, since she never lied before, off we went. She wouldn’t let them near her though. She had to be put to sleep in order for them to take it out. Fun days!

    Glad it all worked out and saved you a trip to the ER.

    We still have the piece they pulled out in a jar somewhere.

  • Oh, that brings back memories of my oldest, when she was about 3, she got a soy nut stuck up her nose. She’d never stuck anything in her nose before, nor has she done it since.

    She wasn’t as calm as your little one though & wouldn’t let us pull it out. We took her to the ER & while waiting, we were able to pop it out ourselves.

    I’m glad you were able to save a trip to the ER!

  • hahahahahahaha I’m sorry. I know its not really funny. But it is. LOL I can sooooo see my boys doing this! I’m glad you were able to get it out okay and she was not scared or hurt.

  • I think that is a right of passage, they all have to do crazyy things like that. My son put Vaseline all over his head, and was greasy for days.

  • OMG, OMG, I’m so freaked out! I don’t have kids, and stories like this are funny if they’re in a sitcom, but to see they happen for real… and to several kids… I’m freaked out!

    I don’t know how you people do it, where does all the courage, the patience, the strength come from? Does it appear out of the blue when you have kids? If I ever become a parent, will I all of a sudden be magically transformed into an awesome creature like the people who commented here? 🙂

  • At least she was clever enough not to eat it.

  • Why do kids insist on shoving foreign objects up their nose? 🙂

  • Ashley stuck a rubber band up her nose when she was 2. on Father’s Day. Nice!

  • Whenever we have peas for dinner, my Darling husband always winds up putting them in his nose and shooting them out like beebees, to the delight of my five year old boy. I’m just waiting for the day he decides to try it and we have to rush him to the hospital with peas up his nose… or worse, the day we have to take my husband!

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