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Squelching the rebellion

standard October 18, 2008 3 responses

After a nightmare morning yesterday, where C spent almost an hour in time out*, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Obviously standing over her and demanding that she do what I say wasn’t working (How odd!) so a change was clearly in order.

I thought back to what had worked in the past, namely a reward chart. I created a cute little chart with five morning tasks and five evening tasks. Each task was illustrated with a more or less appropriate clip-art drawing and had a box next to it so she’d be able to mark each as it was done.

C instantly took to the chart and hurried through her tasks so she could proudly draw a smiley face next to each as soon as she was done with them. Last night we had no tears and this morning went so smoothly it was hard to imagine how yesterday went so horribly wrong. And again, tonight, every time she started to pull a little attitude I reminded to check her chart to see what tasks needed to be accomplished next. Presto, things got done and I got to cuddle with a smiling little girl. Bliss.

My big plan is to take the chart** I designed and have it blown up and laminated so that we can reuse it every day. It’s also to enjoy my sweet little girl and heap praise on her when we can get through every day basics so that maybe we can get past this little rough patch. Maybe. Cross your fingers for me.

* I gave her her clothes and told her she could come out of time out as soon as she was dressed. She chose to stay in time out and protest loudly. For a long time. It was not fun.

** If anyone can figure out how I can link to a PDF I’d be thrilled to share my gorgeous chart.

Free apple sauce! Up for grabs! Very, very good chance of winning! Need I say more? Really?

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3 responses

  • Have you tried a file sharing site? I’ve used 4shared for digital scrapbook stuff. Sounds like a chart I need to get my hands on!

  • I’m so glad you found a chart that works. Rewards work great for Bella but have no effect on Jack. Every kid is different and the key is finding the right solution for each one!

  • OMG, you found something that works?!?! Ok, I’m going to have to start one for A asap. I’ll try anything…

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