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standard October 23, 2008 4 responses

I expected that I’d be moved by the relationship between C and Little L. I thought there’s be cute hand holding, fumbled kisses, maybe even the odd hug. I did not expect the unbelievably deep bond that links them.

I didn’t expect that C would be Little L’s self appointed soother. If Little L is fussing or even outright crying C rushes over and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Instant quiet, every time. For example, this morning Little L got upset because she kicked off one of her shoes and C got right down to business. “Mama! You drive the car!” She ordered,” I’ll take care of L!” And she did. Moments later they were both singing and clapping and crisis was averted.

I didn’t expect that they would be so tight. As long as they have each other they don’t need anyone else. The two of them play endlessly, entertaining each other with their goofiness and silliness. They’re very favorite game consists of crawling around the house in a perpetual game of chase. As soon as one girl catches the “leader” they turn around and race off in the other direction.

I didn’t expect the sharing! Sure, there’s squabbling over stuff, but usually only when one girl is tired or cranky. The rest of the time they constantly look out for each other. They share toys, books, and even food! If one girl has a cookie or a banana you can be sure that moments later the other girl will have a piece of that coveted item in hand, and not because she threw a tantrum to get it!

I didn’t expect the desperate need for equality. Sure I expected big discussions about fairness, but I didn’t expect the turn they usually take. C always wants to know if Little L gets to do something that she’s doing, but not because she’s keeping score, rather it’s because she’s worried that Little L is going to be left out.

The two of them are a tight little team. They turn to each other for support and fun and I love seeing that bond grow a little more every day. Nothing makes me more proud or love them more.

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4 responses

  • I only have a sister, so needless to say, I’m beyond thrilled to have had two girls close in age. The dynamic between your girls is so sweet. It took my sister and I til our adult years to work out the kinks.

  • I think you know, after seeing how my oldest two go at it, how special their bond is. It probably has a lot to do with what a little ray of sunshine C is! The oldest sets the tone…

    Today Jack came running in to give a tour to a little friend who was visiting our house for the first time. He dragged him over to the dining room to show him a picture of his big sister. Then he said, “That’s my big sister. She’s really mean to me.” Doesn’t that just break your heart?

  • @heatherk My sisters and I took a long time to work out the kinks too. It’s part of the reason I’m so thrilled about the bond between my girls. Let’s just hope it lasts!

    @chefdruck That is beyond heartbreaking. Poor Jack! One can only hope that one day they become friends…

  • Oh, that just makes my heart melt. Getting ready to have my second in just a few days, I hope — and I am praying for a beautiful relationship like that. Unfortunately, my sister and I aren’t very close… and it’s hard! I want better for my kids.

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