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She’s a peeker just like her mama.

standard October 21, 2008 6 responses

The world can be divided into two categories of people, the peekers and the non-peekers. There really is no middle ground. Either you scour the house for any trace of a potential gift, carefully undo the wrapping to sneak a preview peek at what will be bestowed upon you at the time of whatever celebration is coming up, or you resist all temptation and unwrap gifts at the appropriate time.

I am a peeker. I cannot stand knowing that a gift for me is hiding somewhere and not knowing what’s under the pretty paper. Can’t hack it. I have always been a peeker, and much to M’s annoyance, I will always be a peeker.

M is not a peeker. His birthday present sat, in a shopping bag, in plain sight on the dining room table for a full week, and I know for a fact that he never, not once, took a look in the bag.
With one parent in each camp C and Little L have a 50/50 chance of being peekers, though as the following exchange illustrates, it seems as though the die has been cast for C.

“Mommy! Mommy! There’s a new box!”
“I know, it came the other day. Don’t touch it. I don’t want you to see what’s in there.”
“But mommy!”
“Mommy! We have to open the box! It has a really cool toy inside!”
“How do you know there’s a cool toy in there? Did you open the box.”
“Are you sure?”
“I didn’t open the box! But we have to open it! It has a really cool toy inside!”

As a peeker I feel nothing but joy in knowing that my baby is in my camp. But I think we might need to work on her sneaking skills.

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6 responses

  • I’m with you. I’m a peeker, too. I just can’t stand surprises. It’s unfortunate.

  • I won’t peek, but I can’t STAND watching presents sit around….sigh…I basically just badger the gift giver until they let me open it…not sure if that’s any better than the peeker :D. My Husband and I usually do Christmas presents about a week early because they just sit there and taunt me. I am definitely going to have to work on this!

  • I’m not a peeker – I like surprises! But I do usually try to guess what a present is by the way it’s wrapped/its size…etc.

  • My wife is an unrepentant peeker, while I’m not. She’ll peek for others if they aren’t peekers as well — namely me. She’s the sort who reads the last chapter first and then judges the entire novel by the conclusion, which is rather annoying, since I’m a writer. It a good thing she isn’t very computer savy, otherwise I probably get alot of critics on the numerous last chapters I have laying around. Weeks before Christmas is always a contest between my wife with my middle boy and the rest of us. Usually the minority wins and we get introduced to the contents of our presents before the appointed time.

  • I am surprisingly NOT a peeker. And I don’t want to guess. I don’t even want to discuss it until it’s time for unveiling. I like to be surprised. I did too much peeking as a kid I guess, that I got it out of my system maybe. Chris however likes to discuss it. “Well what do you think I am getting you?”.. I hate that..

  • I’m so not a peeker – and it used to drive my mom crazy! She’d leave wrapped gifts out for me days before my birthday and say “Come on, don’t you want to open them?” I never would.

    Now I understand why. Thanks for the cute post.

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