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Rising Lit Star – Watch this space

standard October 27, 2008 5 responses

So, remember when I went on and on about not procrastinating anymore and just getting on with the business of actually writing my novel so I could eventually sell it to some big publishing house and become the next Super Famous Author that everyone recommends to their best friend and their book club?

Oh, wait, did I never actually say that? It was totally what I meant.

Well, anyway, I might have maybe picked up one last advice book, Ariel Gore’s How to Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead. I also started seriously writing, honest, but I couldn’t resist just one more book. And frankly I’m so, so glad I did, because it’s done a lot to boost my confidence.

It’s impossible to pick just a quote or two to share; every other page is earmarked and heavily underlined, I can just heartily recommend that you get yourself a copy. Every chapter I read motivates me to write more and more and to keep building my online persona.

By the time I finish writing this novel and I’m ready to shop it around, the world is already going to know my name, and not just because I share it with a bajillion people around the globe. And I’m going to be so famous that agents and publishers are going to fight for the right to work with me. Or something. Mark my words. Help a rising lit star out by spreading the word. Oh and if you know an agent or two feel free to share my blog address, you know, if you feel like it or something. k? Thanks. I promise you a signed copy of that first book when it comes out.

On another note I think I’m going to shake things up around here. I’m working on a redesign and I’m thinking of not posting every single day anymore. I might take Sundays off. Would that be OK? You wouldn’t stop coming ’round, right? What if I promised more pictures in exchange for that one day off, would that be OK?

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