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Reconnecting with the past and waking up the future

standard October 15, 2008 Leave a response

My friends on Twitter have most likely noticed that I haven’t been around much since Saturday. Or maybe they haven’t, but I like to think they care. I’ve fallen behind on my blog reading, email writing, and even blogging. Despite my continued presence here (even if somewhat inebriated at times) I’ve taken the much needed time “off” that people have hinted I might have badly needed.

Uh, yeah, maybe they were right. Just a bit. OK, maybe a lot.

For three days I did minimal email checking, writing, blog reading and commenting, and generally stayed away from the computer. Instead I spent time with what might well be my oldest friend, in town visiting on his way from Peru to France. As he’d say, it’s been brilliant.

Sunday we all went over the hill to the beach where we spent a lazy afternoon playing with the kids and walking on the sand. Monday we dropped the kids off at daycare nice and early and explored San Francisco. And today we stayed closer to home and meandered around Stanford campus and book store hopped. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t let myself bring a credit card. All those savings from last month would have gone up in smoke, or paper pulp, or something.

But frankly (except for the book store part) it wouldn’t have mattered if we’d stayed right here at home, because I doubt either of us a) stopped talking for three days or b) noticed much where we were as we discussed everything from religion, to literature, to what would win in a fight, a pumpkin or a chicken. (The chicken, we think.)

Being in the moment, not creating, not worrying, not questioning, just enjoying rediscovering a friend I haven’t been in contact with for a long, long time has been perfectly lovely in a relaxing and rejuvenating way. We first met on the playground way back in middle school, and in a lot of ways this weekend was about reconnecting with both him and the me I was back then. And while we were at it, marveling that some 16 years later we still connect just as well. Ahh… True friendship is a beautiful thing.

Tomorrow he heads off to Yosemite for a few days and I go back to my usual routine. I’ll be dropping C off at preschool and diving back into work with a renewed passion. Last week I was torn, convinced I’d made the wrong career choice. Today I’m stoked that I get to follow my bliss. I mean, seriously, how cool is that? I get to try my hand at making a living doing what I love. How many people ever get to do that?

This is my year, I’m back in control, and it feels great.

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