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Dining out – Before Kids vs. After Kids

standard October 3, 2008 6 responses

Before kids:
– Eating out with friends only ever happened after 7 pm.

After kids:
– Eating out with friends happens at 5:30 so the kids can eat and be home in time for bed.

Before kids:
– You asked “Are they bringing their kids?” with dread.

After kids:
– You still ask “Are they bringing their kids?” with dread. But now it’s because you don’t want to bring yours too.

Before kids:
– You never even noticed the children’s menu.

After kids:
– You know which restaurants have children’s menus and which don’t. You know who has the cheapest Mac&Cheese and the cleanest high chairs. And you never, ever go somewhere that doesn’t hand out crayons.

Before kids:
– You didn’t feel the need to apologize to the waiters upon leaving.

After kids:
– You tip 25%, you get on your hands and knees to clean up some of the mess, and you apologize profusely as you back your way out of the restaurant.

Before kids:
– Restaurants with table cloths felt fancy and luxurious.

After kids:
– When you’re on a date with no kids eating someplace that doesn’t offer crayons makes you giddy with excitement.

Before kids:
– You ate wherever you felt like eating without thinking about wait time or menu items.

After kids:
– You veto any place that has any wait time, spicy or exotic food, or that you’ve been to any time in the last month. (You know, in case they remember the tantrum that junior threw because of the parsley on the Mac&Cheese.)

Before kids:
– If you were tired after work and you didn’t want to cook you went out and enjoyed a nice relaxing restaurant meal.

After kids:
– If you’re tired after work you eat at home. Who has the energy to eat out with kids?

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6 responses

  • So true! Here’s another one –

    Before kids – You talked to your husband during the meal.

    After kids – You spent the entire meal saying “Don’t.” Don’t climb out of the booster seat! Don’t throw your plate on the floor! Don’t throw your food! Don’t tip over Daddy’s iced tea glass!

  • I LOL’d at that last thought. It totally takes more energy and forethought to eat out with kids! Chain places are a disaster for us! I’ve taken to hoarding those little boxes of crayons in the diaper bag and pulling them out anywhere. My kids love to draw pics on the flimsy paper table covers at the peds office! thanks for the funny end to the week!

  • Sadly, it’s all true. And you forgot this one:

    BK – you ate the food at the temperature it’s supposed to be – i.e., hot food, hot, cold food, cold.

    AK – you get to eat eveything lukewarm. blech!

  • Bravo! So.. I have to also make a comment on Tara’s comment.. I hate hate hate eating out with my family and my husband picks that time to actually have a conversation with me. Stresses me out having to pay attention to him AND the kids! lol!

  • Ha ha ha – SO TRUE!

    Here’s another:
    B.K.: You’d have that one fancy fru fru drink because you deserved it.

    A.K.: You wouldn’t dream of ordering something pretty with a tiny little umbrella in it for fear that the kids would cry over not getting to try a sip, then fight over who got to keep the teenie umbrella.

  • I have one for you for teenagers…

    BK: over $100 meant nice dinner with wine.

    AK: over $100 with teenage boys means you ordered fried something and soda at a chain eatery involving lots of noisy, change eating games. The only whine you is for more dolla dolla bills for the change machine.

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