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A mommy blogger in the middle of lots of corporate bloggers

standard October 29, 2008 1 response

Pink laptop case – check
Pacifier and baby toy in bag pocket – check
Notebook covered in colorful scribbles – check
Assorted crayons in other bag pocket – check
Baggie of cheerios that flies out when you search for a pen – check
Drool marks on shoulder – check
Faded jeans and cowboy boots – check
Bite marks on arm – check

Is it really a surprise that the corporate bloggers and social media marketers at BlogWell had me pegged as a mommy blogger with barely a glance?

Contrary to popular belief being a mommy blogger rocks. I am on the cutting edge of a huge social media marketing revolution. I am a gamma woman, which according to some people actually means something. Even so, I don’t usually shout on the rooftops that I’m a blogger, let alone a mommy blogger. Most people just don’t get the whole blogging thing. They don’t get that I would want to tell the world about my kids, or my work, or even what we have for dinner. They roll their eyes and say patronizing things and then I pretend I never mentioned my blog.

Today, surrounded by corporations fascinated by blogging, I took pride in introducing myself as a mommy blogger. In fact it was I kept opening with “Hi, I’m a mommy blogger, my name is Jessica.” It was awesome. Even better was how excited they all got when I said that! Some of them even searched me out, waiting for me to be done talking with others to have a turn chatting with me. I stood there, with my stained shirt, my grubby laptop cover, and my baby paraphernalia and I felt right at home. I’m excited that major corporations are getting excited about social media and I’m thrilled to have a front row seat.

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1 response

  • Glad you had a good time-I’m not a mommy blogger (yet!) but I can totally relate to the fact that no matter what you blog about-most people just don’t get it. That can tough but it helps to be surrounded at least virtually by people that do!

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