50 things that fill me with joy

standard October 16, 2008 3 responses

It’s easy to forget that happiness can be found in the small moments all around us rather than in the big ones we’re waiting to experience. Yeah, a Hawaiian vacation is awesome, but what about the little day to day joys? So in an effort to remind myself to live in the moment I compiled a list of 50 things that make me happy, right now.

  1. The sun on a beautiful day.
  2. Watching my children play together.
  3. Hearing my babies laugh.
  4. A wonderful book.
  5. The wind in the trees.
  6. A passionate conversation with a friend.
  7. A silent moment with my husband.
  8. Knowing that my husband believes in me 110%.
  9. Hearing a whisper of a new story floating around my head.
  10. A blank page on my notebook and the perfect pen in hand.
  11. A perfect salad, assembled just the way I like it.
  12. A biscuit panini with melted cheese and shaved turkey.
  13. Feeling my husband’s hand come to rest against my back in the dead of the night.
  14. Reading a book with my children.
  15. Discovering a book I loved as a child that I had forgotten existed.
  16. Reconnecting with an old and dear friend.
  17. Making new friends.
  18. Melted cheese.
  19. The heft of a camera in my hand.
  20. My morning cup of tea.
  21. The roar of the ocean, the screech of the birds, and my feet in the sand.
  22. Ending a run.
  23. Traveling to old stomping grounds.
  24. Feeling burning passion.
  25. Discovering that a friend loved a book I adored.
  26. Overcoming a fear.
  27. Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.
  28. Browsing in a favorite bookstore.
  29. Being somewhere in the middle of the day and knowing that not a soul knows where I am.
  30. Taking late night walks with my husband.
  31. Conversations with my husband.
  32. Making a new dish that turns out great.
  33. A comfortable pair of pajamas.
  34. A soft and warm bed.
  35. Clean sheets.
  36. Folded laundry. (Note, I did not say folding laundry.)
  37. Being a part of something new (cutting edge) that’s going to be huge, like Twitter.
  38. Brown cardboard packages waiting by the door.
  39. A hand written letter in the mail.
  40. Sleeping children.
  41. Following my gut.
  42. Trusting my instincts.
  43. A well crafted piece of writing that comes out just right.
  44. A full night of sleep.
  45. A well sharpened knife.
  46. Watching my children discover something new.
  47. Coming across a breathtaking sight around an unexpected turn.
  48. My family; immediate, extended, and adopted.
  49. Sharing something I love with people.
  50. Being able to help when someone comes to me for help.

Got a list of your own? Post a link in the comments!


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